April 3, 2014

Breakfast: 14g Cheerios (50 calories), 14g peanut butter Cheerios (55 calories), small banana (100 calories), 6oz. of plain light soy milk (45 calories). 1 grapefruit (50 calories).

Lunch: 3 pieces of asparagus & sun dried tomato sushi roll. 1 serving of cashews (10 nuts: 15g: 85 calories).

Dinner: Large salad with 16 grams of chopped salad olives, 30 grams of chopped banana peppers, 30 grams of chopped pepperoncini, 30 grams of chopped jalapeno peppers, salted capers, marinated capers, balsamic dressing. 2 buffalo chicken burgers (quorn) on an onion roll.

Snack: Onion roll before bed.

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